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Safety in Electrical Testing at work

Safety in Electrical Testing at work
Safety in Electrical Testing at work (16 Pages)

This electronic sheet provides basic guidance on safe electrical testing and is intended for anyone who runs or manages a workplace where electrical testing is carried out, and for those people doing the actual testing. It is complemented by information sheets which give more detailed information about specific types of testing.
Electrical testing may be carried out for a number of reasons, for example:
(a) quality assurance tests on electrical components;
(b) diagnostic testing;
(c) fault-finding on electrical plant;
(d) routine safety checks.
The guidance contains recommendations to help you prevent or reduce electrical danger. Some of the main ways in which this can be done include:
(a) following safe systems of work, for example:
(i) taking precautions to prevent people who are not doing the testing coming into contact with exposed live parts;
(ii) taking precautions to prevent the testers coming into accidental contact with exposed live parts;
(iii)protecting and insulating both the equipment being worked on and the testing equipment.

(b) using test equipment that is suitable for the job;

(c) making sure that people doing the work are suitably trained and experienced so that they understand safe working practices and the equipment on which they will be working.

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